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Abar Technology Company is a licensed company specialized in drilling wells in a number of countries in Asia and Africa From the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in several countries, we have branches in 15 countries around the world, distinguished by Aabar Technology It is under the supervision of an expert and qualified staff to ensure the implementation of projects and their delivery to those who deserve it. We adopt excellence And professionalism in implementation, through the quality of the equipment used, with official contracts, so we guarantee The speed of completion, and the submission of reports of international quality standards and reports for all stages of drilling, With guarantees on theimplementation of projects. Our company started in its first year with the implementation of 1800 projects to continue to grow until the number reached Its projects include more than 70,000 projects, relying on a team to achieve this success Work based on high efficiency, long work experience, respect and trust Mutual between us and our valued customers in various countries of the world.
  • We Are Result Oriented
  • We Make To Execute
  • Our experts works harder
  • We Resolve The Problem
  • Integrated Model
  • Integrated Model & Methodology

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