Abar International Technology Contracting Company

A company specialized in drilling wells, building mosques, public buildings, and construction in more than 15 branches around the world. Aabar Technology is distinguished by the fact that it is supervised by an expert and qualified staff to ensure the implementation of projects and their delivery to those who deserve them.

We have 15 branches around the world

common questions

Aabar Technology Contracting Company is an official Saudi company accredited and trusted by government agencies (Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development - Chamber of Commerce - Baladi - Marouf - Saudi Contractors Authority). Specialists in drilling wells inside and outside Saudi Arabia in Asia and Africa. Our website address is www.abbarint.com
It is a Saudi commercial company registered with the Ministry of Commerce under number 1010931757, providing a range of development services and projects, and carrying out drilling works inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in accordance with the highest engineering standards and international quality standards in the country of implementation.
It is officially owned by us in twitter\Instagram\facebook\snapchat\youtube and is documented and registered with Maarouf Company, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom.

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